What is Huntee?

Each Huntee is a digital treasure hunt encoraging players to explore and learn about the word around them.

is Huntee free to play?

Yes, each Huntee is free for all users to play.

What about safety? Is the Huntee web-app dangerous to use?

Huntee is designed to be played outdoors, as such it carries with it some of the risks of any outdoor activity including hiking, biking, or playing sports in a park.

Users should always remain aware of their environment and avoid going into any inappropriate areas, or any area where they are not permitted to be. Pedestrians should remain aware of hazards, including other pedestrians, traffic and obstacles. As with any mobile app or web-app, Huntoo should not be operated while driving a vehicle. Parents should guide and supervise their children’s use of the product, including where to play and how to use a mobile phone app or website safely.

Why do I need an account to play?

Like many activity-based services Huntee aims to store your progress along the way and allow you to view previously completed ‘Huntees’.

What about privacy? Does Huntee collect my information and sell it to third parties?

Huntee collects basic information in order to operate the game and to optimize and improve our products and services. Huntee does not sell any user information to third parties.

Can ‘Huntees’ be in unsafe areas?

Huntees are based in real-world locations and include places such as historical sites, public artwork, and user-designated locations. They exist in many places, including trails, parks, and urban areas. The safety of any given area depends on the user, the time of day, and many other factors. We encourage users to use their own judgment about which parts of the city or countryside they feel safe going to at various times of day or night. IF you have any concerns that a Huntee is located in an inappropriate location please contact hello@myhuntee.com/