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Hartlepool Headland

Hartlepool, TS24 0NW

Explore the beautiful and historic Hartlepool headland and coastal path in this digital treasure trail. Begin your trail at the naval gun on Moor Parade road, near the junction with Montague Street.
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3 1924 feet Whittlebach crimean war Christian Nielsen danes Reg Smythe 4 1938 Robert Stephenson Award Henry Houghton Bill Boagey Thomas Grey St Hilda 1812 1969 James Groves limestone Lindisfarne Mark cross fish Hartlepool Headland Dusky Thrush mermaids

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Hartlepool Headland

The3Ms 15/10/2023
d_riches@hotmail.co.uk 18/02/2024
lisawalker 18/02/2024

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