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How To

Each Huntee is a digital treasure hunt, encouraging players to explore the world around them.

1. Find A Huntee

Find a nearby Huntee and head to the starting point described.

2. Begin

When you’re ready to begin simply start the Huntee. Your timer will start, but don’t worry, there’s no time limit.

3. Scoring

Upon completion you’ll receive a grade based on your completion time. The faster you are the higher your grade.

4. Need Help?

If you get stuch along the way there are several help options available, including Auto-Completes and Map Helpers.

Each use of a helper adds a time penalty to your final geade, so use them wisely.

Download Trail

Download the trail to ensure performance in areas with limited internet access or occasional black-spots.

Note: This is only available if you're using Huntee as an app.